Making a Custom Fanny Pack


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A little over a year ago, I decided I was ready to start making my own hiking gear for Stitchback Stories. And after countless prototypes, testing materials and troubleshooting, it became clear to me that it was a much more difficult task than I had anticipated. From sustainability to design, I wanted every detail to be perfect.

That being said – I'm thrilled to share the process of building the Stitchback Stories Sahn 2.5L Waist Pack! Sahn or  is Korean for mountain, and I'm excited for my growing gear collection to have a part of my Korean heritage.

The pack is made from a durable 600D waterproof fabric and holds just under 2.5L of everything you could possibly need for a casual day hike or a skate around the neighborhood. The interior seams are binded with grosgrain and a triangular carabiner keeps your keys secure. The best part is, the pack is made right here in my studio! 

If you love the pattern, but have your own personal design in mind – it's your lucky day. Just like everything else in the Stitchback Stories shop, I've included step-by-step instructions below on how to make this very pack yourself.

I've included a list of optional materials (all of which I used in my pack). They are small additions that will vastly improve the quality of the bag.

  • Fabric of your choosing. Something nice and durable since this pack is not lined would be best. I used custom printed 600D AIRWAVE™ from Ripstop By The Roll
    • 1/2 yard for 44" wide
    • 1/3 yard for 60" wide
  • 2 zippers (I used 2 14" #5 nylon coil zippers, but minimum length is one 12" long and one 14" long. It may be easier to use a 15" zipper or more for the longer zipper)
  • 44" of 1" webbing (more if needed)
  • 1" wide adjustable buckle
  • 2 yards of 1" grosgrain binding (something strong and durable from Ripstop By the Roll or Rockywoods Fabric is best)
  • Optional Materials:
    • 6" of 3/4" grosgrain in color of choice (used for zipper tabs)
    • 1ft of paracord (I use size 275, used for zipper pull)
    • 3/4" – 1" wide carabiner (used for key clip)
    • 3/4" – 1" wide elastic or 1" tri-glide buckle (used to hold excess webbing in place)

Here are the online stores I purchased all my supplies from:
Ripstop By The Roll
Paracord Planet
Such Good Supply
Rockywoods Fabric

The pattern intentionally includes a bit of extra space for any pieces that are sewn to the zipper. It is crucial for the pieces to be sewn accurately in order for the pack to cleanly come together. By making the pieces slightly larger, you can simply trim any excess fabric for a perfect fit (this is explained in the video tutorial).

Keep in mind the pattern is not at 100% scale, so do not print and cut out the pieces. Instead, make a note of all the measurements and transfer to your fabric.

Click Here to View the Sahn Waist Pack Pattern


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