Behind the Scenes

Stitchback Stories is a one-woman show – sort of. I’m Michelle and I’m the creator, designer & maker behind the brand, but I wouldn’t be here without all of you. Growing up, my dad would take our family outdoors at every chance he got; from road-tripping to see the vast plains of Yellowstone to spending our long weekends in Yosemite, we were a trailblazing family.

My dad tragically passed away when I was 15, and being outdoors has not only been an enjoyable hobby, but it’s also given me the space to grieve and honor my dad’s memory. Without his guidance, learning to be comfortable in the outdoors has been a difficult yet worthwhile journey. I love sharing my stories from the trail and I’ve met so many awesome people by going out and facing my fears, so thanks for being here.

I’m grateful for our planet and I do my best to create seriously sustainable products. Modern consumerism can be quite frightening and my number one goal is for Stitchback Stories' customers to purchase products they genuinely love and can cherish for many years.

Thanks for being a part of this community.

All the love,