Our Parks Collection

The Our Parks Collection is a series of dad hats with original patch designs inspired by our National Parks. Each patch is designed and made by me, and sewn on to last a lifetime.

When I first started Stitchback Stories, I started a collection of National Park patches that really kicked off my brand. I was getting decent traffic to my Etsy page and I was excited to share my creativity through my favorite parks. But each patch took nearly an hour to make from start to finish and realistically, I couldn't sell them for more than $10. There have been times during this small business journey where I only focused on growth and sales, and I lost the passion for what I was doing.

I spent the last 6 weeks traveling, hiking, ice skating and dabbling in other hobbies to reset my intentions –– and here I am now with a few new products that I am so proud of. The first two designs, Arches and Sequoia, are revealed here, and they will be released with two more surprise designs. Although, if you want to take a guess –– they are two parks I've visited recently. 


The Our Parks Collection will be released on May 18, 2024 at 8 AM PT.

Thanks for all the continued support,

Hike on!

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