Making a Pokemon Sweater

Happy September!

I’ve been getting a ton of embroidery digitizing questions (which I get – I feel like I learn something new every time I digitize), so I wanted to make a series of videos showing start to finish how I would tackle different applications. 

Video Link:

For the first episode, I digitized this just-for-fun Mimikyu Pokémon with the intention of embroidering it on a crewneck sweater. The cute little design seems simple enough, but you’ll see by the length of the video that it took quite a bit of time to complete. In fact, I decided to sleep on it at some point and finish the rest the next day.

But just because it took a bit of patience, doesn’t mean it can’t be done by a beginner. This design brings together basic embroidery stitches to create a professional finished product. 

Helpful Digitzing Resources
Satin Stitches:
Fill Stitches:

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