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It Is Wild Embroidered Patch

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"All that the sun [and stars] shine on is beautiful, so long as it is wild." - John Muir

Share the love for the places you’ve been, gift to an intrepid friend, or be motivated to set out on a new adventure.

2.375" x 2.75”


1. Set iron to a medium to high setting, with steam turned off
2. Position patch in desired spot, and place pressing cloth on top (you can also use a pillow case or an old cotton shirt)
3. Press iron down, moving it around all areas of the patch for 30-40 seconds

4. For extra security, flip garment or bag over and iron from the back side in addition to the front
5. Sew in place

For materials with low heat tolerance, do not iron. Sew in place only.


100% Polyester Thread
100% Organic Cotton Fabric


We individually make each Adventure Patch right here in our home studio in Washington, DC. We use a durable OEKO-TEX® Certified polyester thread to stitch on 100% GOTS Certified organic cotton.